People and Daily Life

 Soldiers lived at this mission because there were pueblos. The C.A. Indians and Spanish priests also lived there. Here is what the did: 1. C.A. Indians did farmwork and building. 2. Spanish priests taught religion taught Spanish language and taught farming techniques. 3. Spanish soldados protected the missions. At sunrise,a bell rang to signal church services were starting. The Native Americans and Catholic priests (franciscans, missionaries)attended. After  church th adults (C.A. Indians) went to work (plowing feilds,rasing livestock,making adobe bricks, making olive oil, making leather goods, making pottery, weaving, and making wine.) The children went to school to learn the Spanish language and Catholic religion.They would grow wheat, barley, corn, beans, and grapes. They're also known for fine wine. They used natural resources to produce the wine. The Indians that were in this region were the Tipai (kumeyaay) indians.They didn't adapt well. In 1775 the Indians rebeled against the priests and burned down the mission.